UPDATE: COVID-19 Course of Action for Spring 2020

MRC Family, Community, Members, and Patrons,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have spent time carefully considering the best course of action to keep you, our customers and our employees, safe and healthy during this challenging time. While we currently do not have a firm date on when business will resume, below you will find updates regarding the status of current MRC registrations, memberships, and more.

Spring Soccer Season 2020 –

Soccer Season 2020 is cancelled. Shirts were ordered and printed. We will mail your child(ren)’s shirt(s) to the address we have on file. Refunds will be applied to the account holder that paid the youth’s soccer registration minus the cost of the shirt ($10.00) and postage. Please note the shirt will be mailed to the account holder who paid for the youth’s fees. Refund will be credited to any balance owed on account.

MRC Cat Pack (Before and After School Program) –

Like USD 263, MRC Cat Pat will also close for the remainder of the school year. If you have a credit on your account from paying in advance, refunds will be applied to the account holder who paid for the youth’s fees.

MRC Fitness and Enrichment Class Members –

MRC is currently experimenting with ways that we can offer classes to our community via Facebook Live, Private Facebook Groups, and similar outlets. If this interests you, please send an email to Ticia Herd at therd@mulvanerec.com.

Arrangements will be made for class credits once class participation is determined.

MRC Memberships: Single and Family –

Our personal trainers are currently working on creating some workouts for various fitness levels that you can do from your home. We hope you will stay with us! We can suspend your membership until we open or we can prorate and credit your account accordingly. If you have questions, please email rtucker@mulvanerec.com.

MRC Summer Activities –

We are still hoping to have our Summer Programs but for now:

Summer Softball/Baseball, Machine Pitch, T-ball and Blastball 2020 are TBD.

Cat Trax Youth All Day Summer Program 2020 is TBD.

Participate in Daily MRC Challenges: Lookout on Facebook for MRC Youth Sports, Youth Fitness, Youth “Blowin’ Off Steam”, and Adult Fitness Challenges for your chance to win prizes and memberships. That’s right, we’re giving you the chance to stay active, participate in fun activities, and win prizes while maintaining social distancing! We will be releasing more information about these challengers once we have a game plan established. Just because we have to stay home doesn’t mean we can’t be apart of a fun, active community!