Stos Wins Distinguished KRPA Award in Topeka

The annual KRPA (Kansas Recreation and Parks Association) conference was held in Topeka this year from February 10 until February 12. Over this 3 day event, our MRC directors attended various sessions, key notes, and round table discussions with other Kansas Recreation and Park professionals. To top off the event, the award banquet attendees saw our Sports Director, Jeff Stos, walk away with the Distinguished New Professional Award. The Mulvane Recreation Commission was also able to appoint two of our directors, Ticia Herd and Ricci Tucker, to the KRPA Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Here’s what Ticia Herd and Mason Coley had to say about Jeff Stos.

In 2013, Jeff was hired on as the MRC Sports Director. In addition, upon being hired on, he was asked to lead the way to starting the MRC after-school program. Fast forward a few short years later and the after-school program is now one of our most successful and popular programs that we offer. In fact, Jeff’s success at establishing the after-school program has steadily grown into a full-time opportunity for another employee. Jeff has made a truly remarkable difference in our sports programs by establishing positive relationships among the youth, adults, and officials within our community. Jeff’s reputable ambition for excellence and brilliant attention to detail has a direct association with the influx in numbers for several of our available youth and adult sports. Jeff is not afraid to take risks and try new things, fully knowing the results may not be the desired ones. If failure occurs sometime along the way, he’s excellent at quickly adapting and making another attempt. Over the years, Jeff has introduced very beneficial coaching, player, and officiating clinics offered through our High School athletic teams, camps, and tournaments – he strives to see people grow into a better version of themselves.

Jeff spent three years serving on the Youth Professionals Committee and is currently committed to serving the Sports Branch Board. Jeff works with several professionals in our local area to provide valuable services to each MRC patron collectively. Last year, Jeff took it upon himself and his own will to obtain his CYSA certification. Through due diligence and hard work, Jeff has created an abundant amount of strong relationships with fellow professionals who he talks to on a regular basis.