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The Mulvane Rec offers competitive, year-round physical activity opportunities for all ages.

Let’s start with the foundation of our community, our youth. When children are given the opportunity to participate in youth sports, they experience significant benefits that can be seen not only on the playing field but off it as well. Children who take part in sports have higher self-esteem, stronger connections with their schools, and are more likely to be successful academically than children that do not participate. Our children need the discipline and training from athletics to be successful adults. When it comes to sports, participation is key. When you’re a parent, your job isn’t just about keeping kids safe. You also need to keep challenging them so when they grow up and face new obstacles, it will be second nature for them. The benefits of youth sports are endless. They improve self-control, persistence, and accountability while also providing opportunities to form crucial relationships with adults in a positive environment.

Competitive physical activities aren’t just great for kids, there are also many reasons why adults should participate as well. The most basic benefit of team sports for adults is exercise. Exercise is one of the most important aspects to living a healthy lifestyle. And for those who don’t enjoy going to the gym or running, team sports are an excellent alternative! Joining an indoor pickleball league or slow pitch softball team will get you some much-needed exercise while having a good time doing it. Playing on a team not only helps with physical well-being, but it also improves motivation and helps you to leave your comfort zone. When working out alone, it’s easy to talk yourself into taking the day off or doing an easier workout – but when playing for a team with others, there’s no room for excuses! A break from the daily grind of adulthood is a refreshing and necessary activity. Team sports can be a great way to achieve this. Commitments that do not involve work or family pressure are essential for many because it helps them escape the stress and deadlines of their daily life. Everyone needs this kind of time off from everyday pressures to stay focused, healthy, and happy!

When considering the benefits of youth and adult sports, it’s clear that they are a worthy investment. If you’re on the fence about joining the MRC family, reach out to us today! To see all our in-season sports, click the button below, stop by our Front Desk, or download our current Program Guide.

Annual MRC Youth Sports & Activities Include:
  • Gymnastics & Tumbling: “Walking” through 2nd Grade
  • Youth Basketball: PreK through 6th Grade
  • Outdoor Youth Soccer: PreK through 8th Grade
  • Summer Ball: 3 y/o through 15 y/o
  • NFL Flag Football: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
  • Youth Volleyball: 1st Grade through 6th Grade
  • MRC Swim Team: 8 and under through 15 and under
Annual MRC Adult Sports & Activities Include:
  • Adult Coed Volleyball
  • Adult Coed Slowpitch Softball
  • Adult Coed Kickball
  • Men’s Basketball League
  • Cornhole tournaments
  • Pickleball tournaments
  • Weekly Pickup Basketball
  • Weekly Pickup Pickleball
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