Jones and Forgey lead the way for Cat Trax 2020

Kande Jones, Youth Program Director, and Brittani Forgey, Assistant Youth Program Director, have put together an amazing and fun-filled program for MRC Cat Trax participants this summer! Our Cat Trax Program, part of our Cat Pack Program, is a licensed KDHE program available to kids from Kindergarten to 12 years old.

This summer, Cat Trax runs from June 8 through August 7. Each weekday morning kids attend one of four different available camps which they registered for the week. Available morning camps are broke down into categories including Arts, Science, Sports, and Games. Within each separate camp, there are 9 individual weeks worth of fun and educational material for kids. After a lunch break, which is provided by USD 263, the daily schedule becomes even more flexible and in favor of what each kid wants to do with their time!

Each of the two blocks provide activities in either the Art Room, Game Room, Club Room, Gym/Outside, or Reading Room. The Art Room focuses on spending the entire week creating crafty little projects for both beginner and advanced youth crafters! The Game Room and Gym/Outside activities follow the same weekly categories, but the games change each day! Five different MRC Cat Trax clubs meet each afternoon throughout the week, including Quilting Club, Tabletop Gaming Club, Yearbook Club, and Cooking Club – we even provide Fridays to finish up any activity that might not be done! If for whatever reason a child isn’t feeling particularly social during a block period, we have our Reading Room available for quiet time to get away and do things such as a read, write, color, etc.

Jones and Forgey have worked in tandem since last summer and throughout the school year to make sure Cat Trax 2020 was bigger, better, and more special than ever before! The MRC is very fortunate to have two incredibly passionate individuals on our team to provide literally the best of the best to our community’s youth! A full list of details, schedules, and activities are provided below.

Cat Trax Daily Program Schedule

6:30a to 8:00a
– Free Time
8:00a to 12:00p
– Breakfast and snacks, Provided by USD 263
– Registered Arts, Science, Sports, or Game Trax
12:00p to 12:45p
Lunch, Provided by USD 263
1:00p to 2:30p
– Activity of Choice (BLOCK 1)
– Art Room, Game Room, Gym/Outside, Club Room, or Reading Room
2:30p to 3:00p
– Snack, Provided by USD 263
3:00p to 4:45p
– Activity of Choice (BLOCK 2)
– Art Room, Game Room, Gym/Outside, Club Room, or Reading Room
4:45p to 6:30p
– Free Time

Art Room Activities

  • Week 1 – Block 1: Egg Crate Fairies
  • Week 1 – Block 2: Egg Crate Flower Wreath
  • Week 2 – Block 1: Tie Dye
  • Week 2 – Block 2: Upcycling Clothing
  • Week 3 – Block 1: Gnome Tree
  • Week 3 – Block 2: Fairy Home
  • Week 4 – Block 1: Recycled Flower Pictures
  • Week 4 – Block 2: Paper Flowers
  • Week 5 – Block 1: Bird Houses
  • Week 5 – Block 2: Butterfly Feeder
  • Week 6 – Block 1/2: Newspaper Crafts
  • Week 7 – Block 1: Turtle Banks
  • Week 7 – Block 2: Coin Banks
  • Week 8 – Block 1/2: Plastic Bag Upcycle
  • Week 9 – Block 1/2: Upcycle Thrifting

Game Room Activities

  • Monday: Escape Room
  • Tuesday: Board/card Games
  • Wednesday: Video Games
  • Thursday: Building Challenges
  • Friday: Team Games

Club Room Activities

  • Monday: Quilting Club
  • Tuesday: Tabletop Gaming Club
  • Wednesday: “Yearbook” Club
  • Thursday: Unconventional Cooking Club
  • Friday: Finish Projects

Gym / Outside Activities

  • Monday: Team Building Games
  • Tuesday: Competitive Games
  • Wednesday: Calming Games / Meditation
  • Thursday: Tag Games
  • Friday: Water Games

Are you wanting your child to experience Cat Trax this summer? We have limited space available, so sign up soon!

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