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What if I'm registering more than one person?

Forms are required for each individual person particpating in MRC activities – this means a form must be submitted for each individual person who will be participating.

Is the youth sports form for adults sports too?

No, adult sports participants do not need to fill out the Youth Sports Registration Form. Instead, they need to fill out both the Activity Registration Form and Medical Release Form.

What forms do I need for events and programs?

The same forms that are required for class registration: Activity Registration Form and Medical Release Form.

I've already done this, do I need to again?

Unfortunately, yes. A new form is required to be filled out before the start of any MRC activity. This is to ensure we have all your correct information on file in case something happens.

Is the Cat Pack registration form for Cat Trax too?

Yes! The Cat Trax program is part of our Cat Pack program so they share the same form. You just need to fill it out once a year for one of them.