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The MRC Cat Pack Program is a KDHE licensed child care program for Kindergarten through 6th grade aged children in the Mulvane-area community. Our program closely follows the academic and summer schedules for USD 263, available Monday through Friday from 6:30a to 6:30p. Our program includes Cat Pack Academy Hybrid and Distance Learning during the USD 263 academic school year, All Day Programs during scheduled USD 263 closures, and Cat Trax Summer Rec for USD 263 summer break. Select holidays are excluded. Kaw Nation and DCF payments are accepted, scholarships are available by request for new and current families.

Cat Pack Programs

Cat Pack Academy
USD 263 School Year

Hybrid AM
Hybrid PM
Distance Learning
Day-to-Day Learning

All Day Programs
USD 263 Scheduled Days Off

Cat Trax Summer Rec
USD 263 Summer Break

Full Summer Discount

Kitten Care
Monday through Saturday
Ages 6 weeks to 9 years old

Contact Information:

Kande Jones, Youth Program Director
Phone: (316) 777-0858

There is a $30 annual enrollment fee for every new and returning Cat Pack Program participant. Enrollment is valid from the beginning of August until the end of July. There are NO REFUNDS.

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Program Descriptions

Cat Pack Academy – Cat Pack Academy is in direct response to the hybrid and distance learning schedules that USD 263 has implemented. Cat Pack Academy is dedicated to providing local community students and parents a safe option for child care during the day that includes meals, snacks, homework help, and physical activities. We have three different attendance options available based upon your students’ learning needs:

  1. Hybrid Learning ($75/week) is for those families who will be physically attending in-class schooling. Students will be at the MRC weekly during the times they are not scheduled to be at school.
  2. Distance Learning ($125/week) is for those families who are fully committed to online schooling. Students will be at the MRC every weekday during the entire duration of their schooling hours.
  3. Day-to-Day Learning ($25/day) is for those families who don’t necessarily need their students at the MRC every day for the entire week. This option allows families to pick and choose specific days based on their individual needs.

All Day Programs – All day programs at the MRC take place on days that USD 263 has scheduled closures for inservices, breaks, and some holidays. There will not be All Day Programs on Thanksgiving or Christmas. These programs typically have a small, nominal activity fee for things such as theatre tickets and field trip costs.

Cat Trax: Summer Rec – Summer child care at the MRC gives our Cat Pack students the ability to choose what track they want to pursue each week during the summer. Cat Trax is divided into three primary categories: Science, Sports, and Arts. Within each category every week, there’s always a new and fun activity associated with that category. Summers are both educational and fun at the Mulvane Rec!

Kitten Care – While parents or guardians work out, they can drop-off their kids in MRC Kitten Care. MRC staff will supervise and monitor the safety of the children through play-based activities. Activities include crafting, imagination play, bubbles, nature walks, and gym time. $20 per 10-punch card.

Super Affordable and Very Flexible Child Care Services in Mulvane 

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