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Cat Pack Academy Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The Mulvane Recreation Commission is now offering a KDHE licensed child care learning environment to local Kindergarten through 6th Grade students in the Mulvane-area. This new program, known as Cat Pack Academy, is in direct response to the recent adaptations our local schools and parents are facing. Cat Pack Academy is dedicated to providing local community students and parents with the feeling of self-assurance during these unprecedented times. We have three different attendance options available based upon your students’ learning needs. 

Hybrid Learning ($75/week) is for those families who will be physically attending in-class schooling. Students will be at the MRC weekly during the times they are not scheduled to be at school.

Distance Learning ($125/week) is for those families who are fully committed to online schooling. Students will be at the MRC every weekday during the entire duration of their schooling hours.

Day-to-Day Learning ($25/day) is for those families who don’t necessarily need their students at the MRC every day for the entire week. This option allows families to pick and choose specific days based on their individual needs.

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Cat Pack Academy Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Updated 8/4/20 at 11:45am

  • QUESTION: Will you have licensed teachers to help with homework?

    ANSWER: Our staff will not be required to be licensed, although some of our staff may be licensed teachers or possibly licensed in other states to teach.

  • QUESTION: Will you provide discounts for teachers, multiple siblings etc.?

    ANSWER: No, we have priced our program in order to serve as many of the community as we can, that gives us no wiggle room to offer discounts and continue to provide a safe and well-maintained program for the kids.

  • QUESTION: Do you accept 3rd party payment?

    ANSWER: We are a DCF and Kaw Nation approved provider! You will need to contact DCF and Kaw Nation to apply for benefits.

  • QUESTION: Can you transport students to and from Munson, MMS, and MGS?

    ANSWER: Grade school students will be walked to the doors of the school so they can go to their classes. While we are still working on the details, we are confident we will be able to transport students to Munson Primary and Mulvane Middle School.

  • QUESTION: Will you be providing computers for distance learning?

    ANSWER: No. You will need to provide a personal laptop or sign up to receive a Chromebook from the school for your student to use.

  • QUESTION: Will you have a secure place to store laptops if students do not take them to school or home?

    ANSWER: Yes. We have made space available if you would like us to store your child’s laptop rather than transporting it back and forth to the school. However, the MRC is not responsible for lost or damaged property.

  • QUESTION: Will students be grouped by grade?

    ANSWER: As much as possible. This will help when doing homework and distance learning but we are also constrained by space and recommended class sizes, so we will group our students as much as possible by their grade level.

  • QUESTION: What if I am on the waitlist?

    ANSWER: If our program is full and you choose to go on the waitlist, someone will contact you when a slot is available for your student. If you find other arrangements and no longer need to use the Cat Pack Academy please let us know and we will remove you from the waitlist. We are trying to serve as many of our community as safely as we can.

  • QUESTION: What are the fees for the Cat Pack Academy program?

    ANSWER: If your student is a Hybrid Learner and spends half the day at school, our rate for the full week is $75. This fee includes the full day on Wednesday. If you have chosen to do complete Distance Learning a full week is $125 a week. This fee includes homework help, transportation if required and available care from 6:30AM to 630PM Monday through Friday.

  • QUESTION: Why is there now a contract?

    ANSWER: We have all been experiencing a lot of change. In order to best serve our community we have decided to require a Child Care Contract from our families to ensure that we are able to serve the largest number of families possible.

  • QUESTION: When are fees due? 

    ANSWER: Fees will be due by Saturday for the following week. If you have not paid by Saturday your child’s spot could be offered to a student on the waitlist. You would then need to sign up for the wait list and wait for a spot to become available before your child could return to the program.

  • QUESTION: What Covid-19 specific safety measures are in place?

    ANSWER: At this time, we have limited our class sizes and we will require masks in common areas. In addition to the enhanced cleaning policies, we are opening windows when possible for increased air flow, increasing handwashing and use of hand sanitizers with our students and staff. Screening questions and temperature checks will be a continued part of our policy at drop off. We will adjust these policies as new guidance comes from the CDC and KDHE.

  • QUESTION: Will you provide breakfast/lunches?

    ANSWER: No, we will not be providing lunch at this time. We are working with the school to coordinate how students will receive breakfast/lunches from the school. Students may also bring their own breakfast/lunch and we can provide refrigeration until lunch time. Please remember when packing a lunch for your student we are a peanut free facility!

  • QUESTION: Do you know when the free meals program through the school ends?

    ANSWER: August 28th will be the last day for the free summer lunch program.

Kitten Care (Child care)


Open Monday through Saturday

Kitten Care is for parents and guardians with children ages 6 weeks to 9 years old working out at MRC facilities. Parents and guardians may drop off their kids at the MRC Child Care. MRC staff will supervise and monitor the safety of the children through play-based activities. Activities include crafting, imagination play, bubbles, nature walks, and gym time. Parents/legal guardians must remain on the premises while children remain in MRC care.

MRC Kitten Care has a maximum number of 10 children at once – we are NOT allowed to take any more than that. Kitten care is available Monday through Thursday from 8:00a to 12:00p and 5:30p to 8:30p as well as Friday and Saturday from 8:00a to 12:00p.

To use Kitten Care, MRC parents and guardians can purchase a $20 10-punch card from the Main Office Front Desk. 1 card punch equals 1 hour per child. We also offer a flat $3 per hour drop in rate per child for infrequent and new users.

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KDHE Paperwork

Short Term Medication Authorization

Short Term Medication Authorization

Long Term Medication Authorization

Long Term Medication Authorization

*Child Health History

*Child Heath History

Authorization for Self Admistration

Authorization for Self Admistration

*Authorization for Emergency Medical Care

*Authorization for Emergency Medical Care

* indicates required paperwork

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