5 Reasons to Have Your Next Birthday Party at the MRC

MRC birthdays are fun for kids and easy for families! Check out the top 5 reasons to host your next birthday at the MRC:

1. Birthday parties at the MRC are entertaining.

As obvious as it may sound, it’s definitely true! Kids love all our party options that we offer and because of that, we can promise that your birthday kid and their guests will love celebrating with us!

2. We’ve got three packages available.

Bounce Around: Choose from two of our extremely awesome inflatables. We have a two-part inflatable obstacle course and a massive inflatable bounce castle available. Our obstacle course allows for two people to race through it from start to finish. The length of the obstacle course is approximately 75 feet long with plenty of dips, crawls, climbs, and more! Our bounce castle, meant for the younger kids, can hold well over 20 little bouncers at a time (p.s. older kids will enjoy it too)!

Game Time: The MRC provides basketballs, dodgeballs, and open use for other activities of your choosing in our main MRC gymnasium. Other fun activities could include Red Light Green Light, Freeze Tag, Relay races, and so much more! If you need activity inspiration during the birthday, don’t hesitate to ask for ideas!

3. All you have to do is show up, seriously.

An MRC Birthday Concierge will help make your birthday party a great success, that way you – as a parent – are able to enjoy it as well. Our birthday concierges will help you direct traffic, enforce rules, answer questions, and sometimes help entertain all the kids! You can also ask our staff to take pictures during your birthday party for you. Seriously mom and dad, actually enjoy your time here!

4. No joke, we setup and clean up for you!

By the time you arrive for your party, the designated private party room will be clean, setup, and ready for your guests to arrive. When the party is over, your only job is making sure you have everything you brought, our birthday concierges will handle the rest of the clean up process. It’s really that easy.

5. The price is honestly right for everyone.

Hosting your child’s birthday party at the MRC is not only fun and easy, but super affordable as well! We offer an incredibly competitive price for our local area and you don’t even have to leave town to enjoy it! Everything is located right here in Mulvane.

MRC Birthday Party Packages

Are you interested in having your next birthday party with the MRC? We have additional information and pricing available on our Birthday Parties page.

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